God’s Hand in The Stages of Life

Posted: October 13, 2020 in Prophecy
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by Chad Daugherty

When we look at how God made creation, we can see that He is very orderly in everything He does. Each day of creation had its specific things that God had set for that day in order for the perfect creation to be completed by the last day. Scripture teaches us that God creates us in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). When we consider the detail and order in how God brought about creation, it becomes even more prevalent when we consider how He creates mankind. God has a created order that begins at conception and carries on in our life’s until death. He never stops working in us.

First God takes us through the nine months in our mother’s womb where all of our physical characteristics are developed. During this time, we are already be shaped by hereditary and environmental factors. Once we are born, we enter the infancy stage which is from birth to two years of age. During this time growth and motor skills grow and increase. By age two, the child possesses most of the sensory skills of adults. The next stage is Early Childhood form age 2 through 6. During this time the child’s strength begins to increase along with their motor skill becoming more developed. Also, their speech really begins to develop. In early childhood the child becomes physically able to do many new things independently—and most children insist on doing so. The Latter Childhood stage covers ages 7 through 11. During this stage the child develops scholastic and social competencies which causes them to seriously start thinking about the future and becoming a responsible adult. Logical thinking becomes possible during later childhood, greatly enhancing the child’s cognitive abilities. The Adolescence Stage is from age 12 through 20. This is the stage of significant physical and sexual growth. Often the quest for independence is a preoccupation for the child in this stage. This stage is an important time in their moral development. Provisional Adulthood begins at age 18 and goes through age 30. In this stage the person really learns about intimacy. They begin to look for a partner to marry and they become independent from their parental family. They begin to apply all they have learned in the previous two decades. Young Adulthood is from the ages 30 through 45. At this stage, a person actively engages in work production to provide for others more than to meet personal ego needs or build resources for the future. This period also includes opportunity for stabilizing and guiding the next generation into a productive future. Middle Adulthood covers the ages of 45 to 65 years. Physical aging becomes apparent during this stage. Developmental task from young adulthood continues to develop and retirement marks the time when new skills will need to be developed for older adulthood. Older Adulthood is from age 65 to 85. At this stage a person starts to see physical decline. The older person appreciates the continuity of life with its past, present, and future. He or she accepts the life cycle and his or her individual lifestyle without regret or remorse. As a result, the person can anticipate the inevitabilities of life without apprehension or regret. Death can be accepted as a normal transition from life to eternity. Christian faith sustains those who have developed integrity and takes away the fear of death (1 Corinthians 15:31–58).

As we consider the various stages of life, we see that just as God had an intricate plan in creation, He also has created mankind to grow and adapt through the various stages in life. Each stage is designed to build on the one before and help us develop into responsible caring human beings who have a relationship with their creator. One day when we reach the final stage God’s glory will have been reflected in our lives and we will step into the eternal stage where we will be with God forever. Praise God for His perfect plan!

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